Troubleshooting the D-Link

  • Ensure that all necessary cables (Power and/or Ethernet cables) are plugged in securely.
  • Ensure that the switch on the back of the router is set to “AP 2.4 GHz” unless you have specifically set the router and its configuration to a different mode.
  • Ensure your router is not labeled BROKEN with electrical tape.(Team specific)
  • Try resetting the power on the router. Remove its power source, wait 10 seconds, then plug the power cable back in. Sometimes wizards come and magically fix the router when you do this.
  • Try powering through an outlet using the power adapter that came with your router.
  • Try resetting the router’s data. Get a toothpick or some other thin object, then use it to hold the reset button down for 10 seconds. Wait about 30 seconds for it to reboot. Then, refer to the initial configuration process above.
  • Routers do break down and its possible that it’s simply busted. However, these things are expensive so make sure it’s broken before declaring that you need to get a new one.

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