The Electrical Bible - Beta

Welcome to our Electrical FIRSTopedia!

We created this guide in hopes of combining a basic understanding of all the electronic components the FRC robot uses into one cohesive and comprehensive guide. This guide was made with the power of Google Docs, GitBook, our phones’ cameras and endless Google searches.

This guide has been updated to include the 2015 control system. Our older document can be found here, and includes documentation on the cRIO.

Something to note is that we program in C++, so references to classes like “Encoder” and our sample codes are written in C++. However, classes are interchangeable in Java and C++, and there are topics covered in this guide that are not language-exclusive like the roboRIO and the Driver Station itself. We hope this is guide serves to be useful for you!

Team 2853 Electrical/Programming Team

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