The Robot Signal Light

➠ Introduction

The Robot Signal Light (RSL) is mandatory during competition and acts as a signal to whether the robot is connected to the FCS, in teleop mode, etc.

➠ Wiring the RSL

A separate wire acts as a jumper between La and Lb. Connect La to 'S' and N to Ground on the roboRIO.

➠ RSL Indicators

Light Code Meaning
Solid ON Autonomous enabled
Solid ON but blinks off every 1.5 sec Teleop enabled
Slow blink (900ms ON / 900ms OFF) System disabled by system watchdog, user watchdog, or driver station set to disabled
Fast-slow (200ms ON / 900ms OFF) Low battery (<12V) or no user code AND system disabled either by system watchdog, user watchdog, or Driver Station set to disabled.
Fast (200ms ON / 200ms OFF) System error; no Driver station communication; bad cRIO image, bad team ID, extensive communication errors